freerange: work, meet, make, share.

For Meeting Room and Hotdesk enquiries:
Call 01228 888740

We are Freerange. We provide professional services for businesses and specialist design and research work for Creative and Digital companies.

We offer meeting room hire and offices in Carlisle city centre, drop-in reprographics, administration and research services, access to mentoring, training and events, hotdesking and workspace on flexible terms.

For the past few years we've done this from our Freerange Workspace in Carlyles Court, as of July 2013 however, we're shifting our model to working primarily in partnership, concentrating on research, designing and implementing services and tools.

Our products offered in partnership with the University of Cumbria's Business Interaction Centre will include: 

  • Meeting Room Hire
  • Individual Hotdesking
  • Offices
  • Training and Event Facilitation 

For Meeting Room and Hotdesk enquiries - Call 01228 888740

We enable a culture of co-working and will continue to host an event every Friday morning in our Kitchen and hotdesking space with free coffee and breakfast. This is open to everyone and you are welcome to pop in and join us.